Dinnissen multitasking Dinnox Mill

Dinnissen multitasking Dinnox Mill

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Dinnissen BV

Horsterweg 66

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The Dinnox Mill from Dinnissen is a compact hammer mill with a minimum capacity of 30 kg per hour. The small Dinnox Mill is fitted with exchangeable grinding rotors, giving it a variety of
breaking, cutting, and grinding functionalities, as well as exchangeable screening panels and adjustable RPMs. The mill is also fitted with detachable grinding rotors and inspection hatches.The Dinnox Mill is available in stainless steel 304, RVS 316L, and polished or electrolytically polished RVS. It can also be fitted with an automatic cleaning system based on compressed air, CIP, or hot steam/air for extra hygienic applications, and complies with all EHEDG requirements.