Chore-Time Chore-Tronics Ethernet Local Talk Interface

Chore-Time Chore-Tronics Ethernet Local Talk Interface

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Chore-Time Chore-Tronics Ethernet Local Talk Interface gives users with Internet access the ability to manage and control house operations from anywhere in the world and remotely monitor his or her farm and make adjustments to control settings as needed. The ELT Interface converts information from Chore-Tronics 2 Controls into a Web friendly format for viewing control settings and house conditions or for making changes. It permits authorized users to view Chore-Tronics 2 Control information via a Web display of the control screen using a Web browser on Java-compatible computers and mobile devices. Authorized users can also use the ELT unit in place of a phone line and modem to view data from Chore-Tronics 1 or 2 Controls using Chore-Time’s C-Central Professional Software.