Chore-Time ULTRAFLO Feeding Systems

Chore Time Ultraflo Feeding Systems
  • Chore-Time ULTRAFLO Feeding Systems are available for both caged and cage-free egg production.
  • These systems use specialized auger flighting and trough design to deliver precise, uniform feed distribution without the risk of over-feeding birds.
  • Durable augers made of high-tensile-strength music wire ensure long life and trouble-free operation, with an optional reversible auger to reduce wear on moving parts.
  • With customizable lengths up to 750 feet (228.6 meters) and a feed capacity of 0.55 pounds per foot (0.82 kilograms per meter), the ULTRAFLO Feeder can deliver feed at high rates up to 80 feet per minute (24 meters per minute), offering programmable cycles via the CHORE-TRONICS 3 Controller to stimulate birds' appetites and requiring low horsepower for energy efficiency with low overall operating costs.
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