ABN Delta Nutrio feed range for sows

ABN Delta Nutrio feed range for sows

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The Delta Nutrio feed range from ABN responds to increased sow prolificacy and the resulting demand placed on the animal, particularly in terms of vitality and well-being.

Due to the increased nutrient requirements during the reproductive cycle, hyperprolific sows can suffer from loss of body condition leading to a delayed weaned to oestrus interval, and a reduction in the size of the next litter.

A greater variation of piglet birth weight, synonymous with increased litter sizes, also leads to low birth-weight piglets with a lower chance of survival.

ABN’s Delta Nutrio range provides optimum nutrient supply for all levels of sow productivity and includes improved mineral and vitamin nutrition for increased sow lifetime performance.

Chelated minerals included in the Delta Nutrio range increase mineral bioavailability, leading to improved hoof, bone and cartilage integrity. A highly available source of vitamin D₃ has been incorporated across the full Delta Nutrio range, supporting bone health and strength as well as the immune function.

Keeping sows in optimal body condition also aids embryo development, leading to improved piglet vitality. Embryo quality can be improved by feeding sows a service diet, with highly digestible carbohydrate content, triggering the hormones required for embryo development.

Added carnitine can improve placental development, reducing piglet variation and increasing piglet vitality. More viable piglets have an extended suckling period, boosting weaned weight.

The Delta Nutrio range improves the farrowing process through the use of fibers, reducing constipation, while the optimal electrolyte balance around parturition increases mineral mobilisation, aiding the birthing process and assisting with early milk production. The addition of a probiotic to the lactation diets reduces piglet mortality by balancing the gut flora. The range also helps reduce sow weight loss during lactation, significantly influencing lifetime productivity.