Nutrinsic announces grand opening of the first US ProFloc Facility

The company has partnered with MillerCoors Trenton Brewery to turn waste from the water reclamation center into a protein source for animal feed

Nutrinsic has announced the grand opening of its sustainable protein production facility co-located at the MillerCoors’ Brewery Water Reclamation Facility in Trenton, OH. The facility has a nameplate capacity of 5,000 tons per year of ProFloc, a high-quality, protein ingredient for use in fish and animal nutrition. ProFloc is produced using patented technology, which upcycles nutrients that would otherwise be undervalued or lost, making it a sustainable and earth-friendly protein source for all types of aquatic and terrestrial animal feeds.

“MillerCoors cares deeply about sustainability in all aspects of the brewing process, and believes waste is a resource out of place,” said Denise Quinn, MillerCoors Trenton Brewery Vice President. “That’s why we’re proud to partner with Nutrinsic, to turn what was previously a waste stream into something of value.

MillerCoors Trenton Brewery has been landfill-free since 2009, meaning it reuses or recycles the majority of its waste and sends less than one percent to a landfill. Nutrinsic will work with the Trenton Brewery to turn waste from its water reclamation center into a protein source for animal feed.