BASF, Cargill enzyme solutions to be available in US

The two companies will add the United States to their existing feed enzymes development and distribution agreement.

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Enzyme feed innovations support animal well-being, and farmer sustainability and productivity efforts

BASF and Cargill have expanded their cooperation, adding the United States to their existing feed enzymes development and distribution agreement. Together, the two companies are committed to bringing innovative enzyme-based solutions to the market, generating distinctive value for animal feed customers. By combining the enzyme research and development strengths of BASF with Cargill’s know-how in application and broad market reach, the partners will form a joint innovation pipeline for animal protein producers.

With the expanded geographical reach, BASF and Cargill aim to bring the voice and commercial insights of U.S. protein producers to craft the next generation of enzymes jointly. Through this next stage of collaboration, BASF and Cargill strive to deliver solutions that address productivity, sustainability and cost challenges for U.S. customers.

“We are delighted further to strengthen our relationship with our U.S. customers and BASF,” said Mariano Berdegue, the North America regional managing director for Cargill’s animal nutrition business. “The collaboration will provide more animal feed customers with access to a wide range of high-performance enzyme solutions that we have seen reduce nutrient waste, improve feed efficiency and sustainably promote animal performance.”

In 2021, ASF and Cargill moved the relationship beyond pure distribution agreements into the joint development of new enzyme technologies and applications. This extended partnership builds upon the successful go-to-market collaboration between the companies across Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, the Middle East and Africa. As part of the partnership, BASF and Cargill will co-develop, produce, market and sell customer-centric enzyme products and solutions.

“With the expansion of our collaboration to the U.S., we continue to build our joint success story. We are proud to be on this journey with Cargill to increase further the value creation opportunities for animal feed customers,” said Gisele Santos Bin, global sales director feed enzymes and feed performance ingredients at BASF.

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