Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy hits 55% of targets

The strategy has attracted more than CAD823 million (US$601 million) in new investments and created 912 new jobs.

Plan aims to increase investment and job creation in sustainable protein systems

The Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy has already more than 55% of its key investment and job creation targets, Agriculture Minister Derek Johnson announced at the inaugural Animal Protein Summit, which brought together industry, government and academia stakeholders to foster dialogue around sustainable protein systems.

“Our government recognizes that sustainable protein is the future and we are committed to continue working to build our province as a global protein supplier of choice,” said Johnson. “Manitoba was the first North American jurisdiction to develop a comprehensive strategy to advance sustainable protein, and I am pleased to report on our strategy’s significant achievements to date.”

The minister noted the strategy has attracted more than CAD823 million (US$601 million) in new investments — 55% of its goal — and created 912 new jobs — 59% of its goal. The ongoing momentum of the strategy has been very positive, with partnerships from provincial, national and international businesses and organizations, added Johnson.

Animal protein is an essential pillar of the global food system, noted the minister, adding that the thriving sector brings substantial ecological, economic and societal benefits to Manitoba. The level and scope of investment happening around the province is remarkable, said Johnson.

Some of the animal protein sector’s recent achievements include:

  • A CAD182 million investment by Maple Leaf Foods to expand its bacon plant, which added 350 permanent full-time jobs
  • A CAD35 million investment by Topigs Norsvin in its Plumas sow facility, which added 28 permanent high-tech jobs in rural Manitoba
  • A CAD19 million investment by Bothwell Cheese to upgrade its processing and distribution capacity, which added 30 permanent full-time jobs
  • A CAD10 million investment by Burnbrae Farms Ltd. to increase its egg processing and grading capacity
  • A CAD7 million investment by True North Foods to expand its beef processing capacity, which will add up to 80 new jobs over the next four years

The Manitoba government launched the Protein Advantage Strategy in 2019 to grow the animal and plant protein sector and advance the profitability and competitiveness of Manitoba producers and processors. The strategy aims to attract new investment of CAD1.5 billion and create 1,550 new jobs by 2025.

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