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DSM receives FDA approval for mycotoxin-degrading enzyme

Novel enzyme, fumonisin esterase, is now approved for use in poultry and swine diets to manage mycotoxins in feed.

Fumonisin esterase is the first mycotoxin-degrading ingredient for poultry, swine feed approved for use in US

DSM Animal Nutrition and Health — a global science-based company focused on nutrition, health and sustainable living — has received approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a novel enzyme, fumonisin esterase, to help poultry producers manage mycotoxins in feed.

Paige Gott, Ph.D., DSM mycotoxin and Hy•D category manager, said fumonisin esterase is for the degradation of fumonisins present in poultry feed, and this approval expands DSM’s commitment to innovation in mycotoxin management.

“This is the first mycotoxin degrading ingredient to go through FDA’s Food Additive Petition (FAP) process and will be the first product ever to be approved for degrading fumonisins in feed in the U.S. market,” said Gott.

The enzyme is now approved for use in poultry and swine diets.

“Mycotoxins can have various negative effects on poultry production,” Gott continued. “Since 2014, fumonisins have been detected in 50% to 80% of corn samples screened as part of our annual mycotoxin survey. And with high corn prices, it’s imperative right now that feed is working without concern of performance-related losses.”

DSM will offer two new products using the fumonisin esterase enzyme and the brand name FUMzyme. Biofix Plus with FUMzyme and Biofix Select with FUMzyme will be a part of DSM’s mycotoxin product portfolio.

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