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Vilofoss Group appoints new CEO

Jacob Holm has resigned as CEO of the Vilofoss Group and will be succeeded by Boudewijn Morelissen.

Boudewijn Morelissen takes over after Jacob Holm’s resignation

After 22 years at the helm of the DLG Group’s vitamin and mineral business, Jacob Holm resigned as CEO of the Vilofoss Group. Effective March 1, he leaves the reins to Boudewijn Morelissen.

Holm, 62, started his career at DLG as HR manager in 1990. He held that position until 1997, when he was employed at Vilofoss, and in 2000 he became CEO of the company. Since then, the Vilofoss Group has grown significantly and is now present in 60 countries. Holm is also a member of the group management of DLG.

“Through his more than 30 years at DLG, Jacob has left a large and lasting imprint on the group, where he has been at the forefront of the very good development that has taken place in our premix and nutrition business. It is largely Jacob’s merit that Vilofoss is a well-run, international business, and I would like to thank him for the great and significant contribution he has made. Therefore, I am pleased that Jacob has agreed to continue to handle a number of important tasks for Vilofoss and DLG,” said Kristian Hundebøll, group CEO of DLG.

Holm decided to resign last year, and he has helped to find his successor. Morelissen, 51, will be the new CEO of Vilofoss Group, and will join DLG’s group management as executive vice president of premix and nutrition.

“Boudewijn is a skilled leader and, after many years in the industry, he has gained an in-depth knowledge of Vilofoss’ business and organization, so I am glad that he agreed to take over from Jacob. We are at the beginning of a new strategy period, where Boudewijn will help set the direction for our vitamin and mineral business in the future. I look forward to working closely with him on this,” Hundebøll said.

Morelissen is Dutch and has a master’s degree in business administration from Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He is an experienced manager with many years of experience from the vitamin and mineral industry where, among other things, he has been part of the top management of Cargill’s European premix business.

“There is no doubt that I have to fill in some large shoes. Jacob Holm is the main architect behind the Vilofoss that we know today, and therefore I am also very excited about the task that awaits. I am very much looking forward to the collaboration with colleagues in Vilofoss and the management of the DLG Group on the continued development of Vilofoss,” Morelissen said.

Morelissen lives in the Netherlands with his wife and three sons.

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