Top 10 animal feed industry articles from September

See what topics were the most popular in the animal feed industry in September.

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Find out what you missed in feed news and blogs from last month

See what topics were the most popular in the animal feed industry in September.

  1. Cargill reorganizes animal nutrition business

Cargill Inc. is reorganizing its animal nutrition business and will create a new business unit focused on animal and human health products.


  1. CP Foods confident it can keep ASF out of its farms

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods) expressed confidence that its biosecurity measures will be able to keep African swine fever (ASF) out of its farms.


  1. UK farming minister: ASF outbreak likely within a year

U.K. Farming Minister George Eustice told the U.K.’s National Pig Association (NPA) that not enough is being done to prevent an outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in the country and that an outbreak is “expected within a year.”


  1. What is the opposite of organic chicken? (blog)

Ioannis Mavromichalis: Why the term ‘organic’ has failed to make an impact so far.


  1. Report: China to end punitive tariffs on US pork, soy

China’s Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council intends to remove punitive tariffs on U.S. pork and soybeans, as well as some other agricultural goods from the United States, according to Chinese media outlet Xinhua.


  1. Canada feed shortage triggers emergency declarations

More than a dozen Canadian municipalities have declared a state of emergency due to an ongoing animal feed shortage in the region. But garnering government aid, local authorities say, seems increasingly unlikely.


  1. ASF confirmed in the Philippines for first time

After previous official denials, it has now been confirmed that African swine fever (ASF) has been detected in the Philippines.


  1. China steps up enforcement against illegal ASF vaccines

China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs says it is cracking down on illegal African swine fever (ASF) vaccines that have appeared on the market recently.


  1. First cases of ASF reported in South Korea

South Korea has confirmed its first case of African swine fever (ASF) in a town near the border with North Korea and said it would cull nearly 4,000 pigs in response.


  1. The future of in-ovo feeding remains questionable (blog)

Ioannis Mavromichalis: Despite initial enthusiasm, results so far appear to be not on par with expectations.

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