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Biomin, Erber keep emergency skills current with fire, first aid training

Employees of ERBER Biotech (Thailand), which BIOMIN is a part of, underwent a fire and first aid training.

On July 26, employees of ERBER Biotech (Thailand), of which BIOMIN is a part, underwent a fire and first aid training. The training was conducted in compliance with the organization’s Occupational Health and Safety Standard, and the country’s labor and employment laws and regulations. The objectives of the training are to educate employees on the use of firefighting equipment and life-saving methods, unsafe practices or operations, and to highlight the importance of swift reporting of such practices.

At ERBER Group, the safety of its employees, visitors, clients and the public is of utmost importance. The group believes in providing employees with a safe and healthy workplace environment, which is also a contributing factor to the organization’s long-term success. This is the reason ERBER Group implemented its Occupational Health and Safety Standard, to ensure the well-being of all employees, and to prevent and reduce occupational accidents at all means.

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