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Neovia launches Applifarm

Neovia has combined its expertise with Innoval, Eilyps, Cogedis, and Adisseo to create Applifarm.

Neovia has combined its expertise with Innoval, Eilyps, Cogedis, and Adisseo to create Applifarm. This start-up platform will use various sources of data—management, feed, dairy operations, livestock advice, breeding, performance monitoring, sanitary advice, etc.—in order to help companies in the ruminant sector to create new services for livestock breeders and farmers. It is the first platform for the creation of “big data services” dedicated to the ruminant sector. This collaborative project is clearly in line with the “open-innovation” strategy followed by Neovia over the last few years.

The number of connected objects installed as part of agricultural operations will climb from 30 to 75 million between 2015 and 2020 and will generate a large amount of data. Today data is widespread, especially in the ruminant sector. In the future, data collection, comparison and processing could therefore be used to create a wide range of innovative services for farmers.

With the new Applifarm, companies in the ruminant sector can structure and propose new services to farmers. This platform will be totally open to all partners and operators in the sector, not just the founding members.

These founding members have provided significant data, ensuring that the platform starts out with a "critical” size. Services will range from benchmarking performance and daily management to more customized recommendations with high added value. More generally, Applifarm aims to help to improve economic performance and the profitability of livestock operations.

Applifarm is an independent company, enabling its partners to collect and use target data with no security issues. The platform will offer an effective and low-cost means of creating and developing new services which, without Applifarm, would have proved extremely expensive, or even impossible to develop individually. The platform will also be open to application developers and Applifarm will provide valuable assets to the sector in terms of big data analysis.

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