Canadian Bio-Systems FeedCheck Soy test kit

Canadian Bio-Systems FeedCheck Soy test kit is a tool that allows for rapid, on-site analysis of soybean meal quality, available for use across the soy, feed and livestock industries. It works by using a reaction reagent uniquely tailored to indicate the presence of residual urease, which is an indicator of the presence of trypsin inhibitors.

The reagent indicates areas of high urease activity by changing those areas of the sample to a red-wine color. The test kit comes with an instruction booklet that includes a reference guide for interpreting the results. Based on the degree and amount of colorization, users can clearly see whether levels of anti-nutritional factors are within optimal or low risk range, or whether there are issues related to under- or over-heating during processing. 

The tool has a strong potential fit for a full range of types and scales of soy micro-processing operations, which can now test samples on site, saving substantial time, effort and cost compared to sending samples off site for testing.

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