Pathway Intermediates

Gangnam-Gu, Seoul 06253

Company Overview
4th Floor, 310, Gangnam-Daero
Gangnam-Gu, Seoul 06253
South Korea
The Research-dedicated Animal Nutrition Company, Pathway Intermediates, is the global animal nutrition brand dedicated to research and development. We believe that the future of animal nutrition lies in the elucidation of critical metabolic pathways and the identification of natural products that can modulate these systems. All of our products are the result of pure science, from which we are able to provide the most optimal and reliable solutions for each customers. R&D is the Foundation of Our Solutions. We deliver our solutions with absolute certainty. This is achieved by Pathway’s global R&D network with key locations in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and South Korea. Our comprehensive network enables full coverage of R&D in the field of animal nutrition, from pure science to industrial size application trials. The two pillars of our R&D network, Pathway Research Centre in United Kingdom and Bio-Resource Institute in South Korea conduct diverse research to investigate and develop highly value-added solutions. Pathway Solutions produce a wide range of products such as Endo-Power (Powerful Digestion Accelerator), Lipidol (The First Absorption Accelerator), YeaMune-UP (Immune Accelerator) and ProBe-Bac (Probiotics for High Performance and Safety). Pathway Solutions are continuously being researched at leading universities and research institutes, and the feed product development team, farm research teams are constantly monitoring our products. We focus our energies on continually seeking the best way to spent our expertise, and listening and supporting our customers thereby providing solutions satisfying their needs.
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