New Feed Automation Technology – Introducing NexGen Platform

Seamless data integration between facility controls and business software isn’t a luxury anymore. It’s a necessity. NexGen brings forward solutions and efficiencies that you need for this generation, and the next.

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Easy Automation is excited to announce its new fully integrated business software and integrated control platform – NexGen. The NexGen Platform was designed with you in mind. For the past 35 years, we have worked in feed facilities to understand your challenges and have built our platform with those in mind. Built to scale as your business scales, NexGen was built for your mill’s next generation. The NexGen Platform by Easy Automation has four key features:

  • Integrated Facility Controls & Order Management Software
  • Modular Functionality Approach
  • Customized by Industry
  • Extensive Third-Party Integrations

Integrated Facility Controls & Inventory Management Software

Data is only as reliable as the system that tracks it. NexGen Platform provides an integrated and seamless platform that tracks orders and ingredient inventory through their lifecycle in the facility. NexGen was built to not only physically provide automation within a facility, but also manage the data and business side of the business by providing maintenance and safety, inventory and order management, pricing, and reporting capabilities. All within one system. Having data at your fingertips, all in one database is a necessity as regulations continue to put demands on facilities. NexGen provides a seamless, integrated solution for your facility.

Modular Functionality Approach

We don’t believe in a one-size fits all facilities approach. That is why we built NexGen. The technology requirements an on-farm facility has are different than those of a commercial facility. NexGen has the complexities demanded by commercial facilities with the ability to simplify and provide accessible technology to on-farm operations as well. With 12 different modules from receiving and reclaim through loadout and reporting, NexGen can be customized to fit exactly what your facility needs today and tomorrow. We understand installing automation is a long-term decision. NexGen was built to scale as your business scales.

Customized by Industry

NexGen has industry-specific capabilities and features for the feed, grain, and agronomy industries. Each industry has its specific challenges but has similar needs when it comes to facility automation technology. We have developed NexGen to be customizable by industry with capabilities based on the needs of the industry. We are continuously developing and adapting NexGen to best fit our customers’ needs across our main industries with the intention of a commercial facility being able to run the NexGen Platform in their feed mill, agronomy facility, and grain handling location.

Extensive Third-Party Integrations

While technology intends to make our lives easier, unfortunately, integrating a new technology can create more steps and challenges for the facility. The NexGen Platform was created with this challenge in mind and therefore has an extensive list of third-party integrations already established and more being developed as the need arises. Instead of working on spreadsheets, NexGen allows data to move seamlessly in and out of the system to ensure a solid data foundation and reduce human error. From ERPs to accounting packages, NexGen likely integrates with the programs you are currently using. Want to see if your system integrates with NexGen? Check our list here.

Interested in learning more about the NexGen Platform? Contact our team at Easy Automation to discuss your goals and together we can determine what options make sense for you and your specific facility. Visit or call 507-728-8214 and ask for our sales team. We value your partnership and look forward to solving your equipment and automation challenges with you.

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