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Inside VIV Africa 2024: An interview with the show’s project manager

The 4th edition is scheduled October 2-3 in Rwanda, preceded by a leadership conference on October 1.

With VIV Africa 2024 a few months away, the anticipation and excitement within the animal protein industry are becoming more and more visible. VIV Africa, an evolution from the previously known Poultry Africa, now includes dairy and agriculture pavilions, making it a comprehensive event that caters to the diverse needs of the industry.

Set to take place on October 2-3, 2024, in Kigali, Rwanda, with a leadership conference on October 1, this event promises to be a landmark gathering for professionals from around the globe. With the event’s exhibitor space sold out and visitor pre-registration open, we sat down with the VIV Africa project manager, Natalie Taylor, to discuss the event’s significance, the expanded scope, and what attendees can expect from this year’s edition.

Can you tell us a bit about the evolution of Poultry Africa to VIV Africa in 2024 and what attendees can expect from this year’s event?

Taylor: VIV Africa 2024 marks an exciting milestone from what was previously known as Poultry Africa. By expanding our scope to include dairy and agriculture, we are addressing the broader needs of the animal protein industry and welcoming those that are more into CEA and arable farming as well. Attendees can expect a more comprehensive event with a wider range of exhibitors, more diverse content, and new opportunities for networking and learning. This year’s event will feature not only the latest advancements in poultry but also innovations in dairy and agricultural sectors, providing a holistic view of the industry.

This year’s exhibiting space is already completely sold out. What do you think contributed to this overwhelming response?

Taylor: Africa is a new market to many of the exhibitors, and they see the growth potential. The aim has been to ease their entry into the market and connect them with the industry leaders and clients across the region. I think with the proven track record of the previous editions, alongside the expansion of the show with dairy and agriculture, exhibitors benefit from the VIV quality, network and marketing. These combined have been the main contributing factors to the overwhelming response.

VIV Africa 2024 will feature a leadership conference the day before the main event. What are some of the key topics and issues that will be addressed during this conference?

Taylor: As with previous editions, the program is being developed with our local and international stakeholders who are committed to selecting top topics to provide the tools and knowledge to address current business challenges farmers face in Africa. Once again, the main focus will be on poultry – and next to that we will introduce specific agriculture and dairy content to the program. Breakout sessions will ensure that there is always a session on each sector. More will of course come, as we get closer to the show, so it is important to keep an eye on our newsletters and updates on the website.

How do you see the animal protein industry evolving in Africa over the next few years, and what role does VIV Africa play in this development?

Taylor: The animal protein industry in Africa is forecasted to witness significant growth, driven by increasing demand for quality protein sources. VIV Africa plays a crucial role by providing a platform for knowledge exchange, innovation and industry networking. By bringing together key stakeholders and industry leaders, VIV Africa facilitates the adoption of best practices and the introduction of new technologies, which are essential for a sustainable development.

With visitor pre-registration now open, what advice do you have for attendees to get the most out of their experience at VIV Africa 2024?

Taylor: Planning your visit in advance will help you make the most of the two-day event and ensure you don’t miss any key sessions or networking opportunities. Therefore, pre-registering now online, although it might seem early for some, will take you a couple of minutes, but will save you a lot of time onsite. Not to mention that once registered you will be included early enough in all communication around the event so you will not miss anything coming up. Be sure to reserve a ticket for the leadership conference, as there are limited tickets available. On our website, you can view the exhibitor list and technical seminars to plan your 2-day experience.

How can interested stakeholders, who were unable to secure exhibitor slots, still participate or engage with VIV Africa 2024?

Taylor: Even if you couldn’t secure an exhibitor slot, we encourage you to visit the show in Kigali. It’s an excellent opportunity to network, attend workshops and gain insights from the industry’s best. Your presence will still be highly valuable, and our team will do its best to facilitate ways to engage with other professionals and industry leaders.

Are there any special sessions, or events within VIV Africa 2024 that you are particularly excited about?

Taylor: There are many sessions and special events during VIV Africa 2024, so it’s hard to choose just one. Special for exhibitors, we will host a special networking cocktail with local talent on the first night of the event to connect exhibitors directly with industry leaders and peers. There are also many technical best practices for visitors to attend during the 2-day exhibition, and of course with the addition of the new pavilions, our partners will be hosting in-depth workshops for visitors to attend. Visitors can definitely look forward to a memorable business experience.

Finally, what message would you like to convey to the global animal protein industry as VIV Africa 2024 approaches?

Taylor: As VIV Africa 2024 approaches, I’d like to emphasize the incredible opportunities that Africa presents for the agrifood industry. This event is not just about showcasing products but also about building connections, sharing knowledge and enabling innovation. We are excited to welcome you to Kigali, where together, we can contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the industry in Africa and beyond.

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