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Alltech acquires majority interest in Agolin

Companies will partner to provide eco-friendly nutrition solutions for supporting cattle production and sustainability goals

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Natee Meepian |

Alltech has acquired a majority interest in Agolin. Founded in 2006 in Switzerland, Agolin has developed and produced plant-based nutrition solutions that improve herd performance, profitability and sustainability, according to a 2020 meta-analysis in the journal Animals.

Agolin’s high-quality essential oil blends are scientifically proven to optimize feed intake and performance, including improved milk and meat production. Furthermore, Agolin Ruminant was the first feed additive certified by The Carbon Trust for methane reduction in ruminants (2018). Today, organizations such as Verra and Gold Standard are including it in their major international climate protection projects.

“Agolin’s essential oil blends are a complement to Alltech’s proven nutritional technologies, such as Yea-Sacc and Optigen,” said Dr. Mark Lyons, Alltech’s president and CEO. “Governments, consumer brands and retailers are making important commitments to reduce their environmental impact. These commitments rely upon farmers and ranchers, and we are dedicated to supporting them with the best available nutritional technologies to achieve more milk and meat while reducing their environmental footprint.”

The alliance between Alltech and Agolin will empower farmers and ranchers to reach their sustainability goals while also supporting the performance and profitability of the cattle in their herds and supply chains. The synergistic use of Alltech and Agolin nutritional technologies leads to benefits such as improved animal welfare, greater feed efficiency and conversion, enhanced milk and meat production, increased profitability, and a reduced environmental footprint, including a boost in nitrogen efficiency. The partners will also be exploring opportunities to develop new technologies that bring together the best of Alltech’s proven nutrition and Agolin’s essential oil blends. Agolin has a presence in Europe, Asia and North America. Alltech’s majority interest in the company will expand the availability of Agolin to additional markets.

"We at Agolin are delighted with this strategic alliance to grow synergistically through the added technical expertise and global reach of Alltech,” said Kurt Schaller, managing director of Agolin SA. “This represents a new era for our business, and we look forward to breaking new ground in our industry.”

Agolin focuses on research and development to produce and market innovative feed additives based on plant active ingredients, which are effective and easy to use. Its essential oil blends are backed by a strong quality management system (FAMI-QS), which ensures safety and guarantees traceability.

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