Improving growth performance in broilers

Improving growth performance in broilers

Learn how advancements in animal feed ingredients optimize broiler growth rates.

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Improved Productivity & Profitabilty – Not Limited to Broilers

The grains and oilseeds that we work with to produce meat, milk, and eggs contain nutrients and energy, and the key is to convert these ingredients into nutrient-dense, animal foods as efficiently as possible. The methods that make it easier for the animals to do this are, therefore, critical. Based on availability, price, and comfort level, soybeans and corn are used nearly everywhere to supply nutrients. But is there a better way for you to do this? Are you relying on the commodities – ground corn and solvent-extracted soybean meal – because that’s what you’ve always done?



How extruded full-fat linseed can improve chick quality

Extruded Linseed Oil

Extruded full-fat linseed is more expensive than similar soybean products, but offers a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.



Advances in Broiler Nutrition: Four fewer days to target weight, one more flock per year

With all of the gains in broiler productivity and efficiency over the years, you’d be excused if you believe that most or all of the progress in this industry has been achieved. With tens of billions of chickens right now on Earth, it would seem that our work is done. What more can we do?



Broiler producers can produce 1 more flock/year

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Earn Millions of Dollars By Getting Flock to Market 4 Day Earlier

A recent study evaluating the efficacy of extruded ingredients demonstrated highly impactful feeding benefits for broilers. The study was conducted in 2020 by Iowa State University evaluating four diets fed to broilers. The four soy and corn diets were created by interchanging solvent soybean meal and ground corn, with ExPress® soybean meal and high-shear dry Extruded Corn.


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