Top 10 articles about the animal feed industry from April

See what topics were the most popular in the animal feed industry in April.


From WATTAgNet:

See what topics were the most popular in the animal feed industry in April.

INFOGRAPHIC: 20 Top Asian Feed Companies

Based on the data collected for Feed International/WATT Global Media’s World’s Top Feed Companies report, this infographic highlights where the leading Asia-Pacific companies are located and their 2014 compound feed production volumes.

Alltech to acquire Keenan Systems

Alltech has agreed to acquire Keenan Systems, a farming solutions company in Ireland. Keenan, now part of the Alltech family of companies, is the 14th acquisition for Alltech globally since 2011. “The Keenan group has long been a friend of Alltech. This is a story about two great Irish, globally minded companies coming together.

Top 6 global mycotoxin threats to poultry

This month’s digital edition of Poultry International covers the 2015 BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey. According to the survey, 84 percent of corn, wheat, soybean and finished feed samples contain at least one mycotoxin, and there are often several present at once.

101 Top global livestock feed companies of 2014

Analysis of regional growth of animal feed companies and major developments with key industry players in 2014 and the first half of 2015.

Exclusive: World Feed Panorama: Compound feed tonnage hits 884 MMT

World compound feeds produced by industrial manufacturers for food animals and aquaculture reached 884.4 million metric tons in 2015, on figures compiled for our latest exclusive World Feed Panorama survey of industry trends.

How to manage poultry feed ingredient changes

Managing feed ingredient changes in the integrated poultry complex requires teamwork among the nutritionist, the purchasing manager and the feed mill manager, said Amy Batal, Sanderson Farms, at the USPOULTRY Feed Mill Management Seminar.

Preventing fishy eggs with the right feed ingredients

Fish meal remains a choice-ingredient in layer diets. That is, unless its quality is objectionable. But, in most cases, several large egg producers use fish meal as a means of providing a bit of extra nutrition to their layers.

Will the VFD reduce antibiotic resistance in US?

Will the changes in poultry production in the way antibiotics are used – or not used – result in a reduction of resistance? The answer may be far less certain than the policymakers and the advocates would have us believe.

Interstate Organics opens certified, all-organic feed mill

By the end of April, Interstate Commodities Inc. (ICI), a Troy, New York-based family-owned and -operated grain and feed ingredient originator, will launch its latest venture, Interstate Organics, L.L.C., a feed mill manufacturing all-organic complete feeds in Merrill, Iowa.

4 ways to improve laying hen bone strength

One of the major welfare issues facing the egg industry is the high incidence of keel bone fractures or deformities in cage-free and cage housing systems. Bone fractures are not only welfare concerns, but also can negatively affect egg production. In particular, keel fractures account for 90 percent of bone breaks in alternative housing systems at end of lay.

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