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Alltech releases 2012 global feed survey numbers

Report shows significant increase in world feed production over 2011.

Aidan Connolly, vice president of Alltech, released the results of Alltech’s global animal feed survey in a webinar January 28 during IPPE week. The survey is Alltech’s second global animal feed survey, with the first having been released in early 2012 for the previous year. In the 2012 report, global feed production was listed as being at 873 million metric tons.

Marked increase

The 2013 survey was conducted in December of 2012 and included information collected from 134 countries. The report showed an increase of 10 percent over the previous year’s report. However, Connolly noted that the real underlying growth was probably four to five percent over 2011 because this survey contained new data, including 1) New sources of information, globally; 2) New numbers not included in 2011; and 3) More specific categories to further break down species share.

According to the report, global animal feed production for 2012 was 959 million metric tons. Connolly noted that information for the survey came from Alltech’s information and information from local animal feed industry associations. Alltech employs 520 salespeople who visit more than 26,000 animal feed mills globally.

He also noted that numbers may not be as accurate for less developed countries, but that this fact had little impact on the overall data. He also noted that the there was some variance between the definition of feed, feed mills and species among countries.

Tonnage by species, region

Global feed tonnage by species in 2012 came out as follows:

-Poultry 411 million metric tons-Ruminant 254 million metric tons-Pig 218 million metric tons-Aqua 45 million metric tons-Pet 20 million metric tons-Equine 11 million metric tons

Global feed tonnage broken out by region was as follows:

-Asia 350 million metric tons-Europe 208 million metric tons-North America 199 million metric tons-Latin America 137 million metric tons-Middle East/Africa 54 million metric tons-Other 11 million metric tons

Number of animal feed mills, globally

The report also gave the top ten countries by number of feed mills reported. In order, they are China, with 10,000; USA, with 5,251; Brazil, with 1,237; India, with 862; Argentina, with 800; Spain, with 700; Russia, with 500; Mexico, with 430; Hungary, with 370; and the UK, with 340. The average tonnage per feed mill was calculated to be 36,555 metric tons.

Main findings

Connolly noted that nearly half of manufactured feed is for poultry, at 43 percent, with 60 percent of poultry feed dedicated to broilers.

Aquaculture feed was calculated to be at 44 million metric tons, up from 29 million metric tons that was reported last year. Pet food was reported at 20 million metric tons. Connolly noted that 40 percent of pet food production is currently in the U.S., but that Brazil is growing fast in this area.

A summary of the presentation, including graphs, may be downloaded from .

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