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Regional product distribution of the top feed companies

See where the world's leading feed producers sell their products, by region.

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Find out where the leading feed producers sell their product.

The 2020 Feed Strategy World’s Top Feed Companies report released in September ranks companies by annual feed production, but the data gathered on these companies extends far beyond feed tonnage.

Additional data on individual companies is available in the world’s leading feed producers database including, where available, annual feed tonnage, number of feed mills, key product categories and geographic markets served.

Product distribution by region

Asia is the region with the highest number of the World’s Top Feed Companies distributing to it, with 75 companies on the list distributing their products in that region. Europe (Eastern and Western combined) follows closely, with 67 companies, and 43 companies distribute in North America.

Distribution range of the top 6 feed companies

The top six feed companies, as ranked by annual feed tonnage production, are CP Group, New Hope Group, Cargill, Land O’Lakes, Wen’s Food Group and Haid Group.

Within that group of companies, five distribute their products in Asia; three distribute in North America, Europe (combining Eastern and Western) and Africa; two distribute in the Middle East.

Of the remaining regions, only one company in the top six distributes in Central America and South America and one in Oceania. None of the top six feed producing companies distributes in the Caribbean.

Cargill CP Group Haid Group Land O’Lakes New Hope Group Wen’s Food Group
Central America
Europe (Eastern)
Europe (Western)
Middle East
North America
South America

Of the top six feed producing companies in the world, the one with distribution in the most regions is Cargill.

Regional breakout of top companies’ headquarters

Most of the ranked top feed companies are headquartered in Asia, followed by Europe and North America, which mirrors the pattern of product distribution. In terms of feed tonnage produced by region, however, Asia produces the most, followed by North America and then Europe.

The September issue of Feed Strategy features graphics with this data:

The next set of rankings will be published in Feed Strategy in September 2021. To participate in the annual Feed Strategy World’s Top Feed Companies survey or for further questions, please email [email protected].

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