Pig Health and Nutrition

Vaxxinova US Vaxxon SRP Klebsiella mastitis vaccine

Vaxxon SRP Klebsiella from Vaxxinova US is a vaccine licensed by the USDA for the management of mastitis caused […]

Hubbard Feeds POWERSTART Solo for pigs

Hubbard Feeds POWERSTART Solo is a single-phase diet designed to be fed from weaning until 25 pounds of […]

DuPont Axtra PHY GOLD phytase enzyme

The Axtra PHY GOLD phytase enzyme from DuPont allows the formulation of inorganic phosphate-free, high phytate diets. It […]

Ralco Nutrition Tactical Start nursery nutrition for pigs

The Tactical Start nursery nutrition from Ralco Nutrition is built on driving early feed intake, providing ultra-complex, easily digestible diets […]

MS Schippers MS Megades Novo disinfectant to deal with ASF

The MS Megades Novo from MS Schippers passes independent tests for combatting the African swine fever (ASF). MS Megades […]

Kemin Industries Sal CURB RM E Liquid pig feed additive

The Sal CURB RM E Liquid from Kemin Industries can strongly inhibit the viricidal activity of ASFv when […]

Phytobiotics Plexomin organic additive

Based on highly stable bis-glycinates of copper and zinc, two important trace elements for pigs and poultry, Plexomin Cu […]

Brookside Agra GP Pro+ natural protein supplement

Brookside Agra presents its all-natural GP Pro+, a high-quality acidified nutritional protein supplement research-proven to improve pig and sow feeding performance.

MS Schippers Di-O-Clean water treatment

Being the only commercial water cleaning product, Di-O-Clean from MS Schippers is effective in combating viruses, including African swine fever (ASF). Laboratory test results show that pathogens do not survive treatment with the product.

Nuscience Group START+ feed additive for piglets

Nuscience Group presents the START+ feed additive for piglets, an innovative concept which promotes gut maturation and mimics the activity of prebiotic milk oligosaccharides needed for the development of piglets.