Pig Health and Nutrition

MS Schippers MS Megades Novo disinfectant to deal with ASF

The MS Megades Novo from MS Schippers passes independent tests for combatting the African swine fever (ASF). MS Megades […]

Kemin Industries Sal CURB RM E Liquid pig feed additive

The Sal CURB RM E Liquid from Kemin Industries can strongly inhibit the viricidal activity of ASFv when […]

Phytobiotics Plexomin organic additive

Based on highly stable bis-glycinates of copper and zinc, two important trace elements for pigs and poultry, Plexomin Cu […]

Brookside Agra GP Pro+ natural protein supplement

Brookside Agra presents its all-natural GP Pro+, a high-quality acidified nutritional protein supplement research-proven to improve pig and sow feeding performance.

Schippers Di-O-Clean water treatment

Being the only commercial water cleaning product, Di-O-Clean from MS Schippers is effective in combating viruses, including African swine fever (ASF). Laboratory test results show that pathogens do not survive treatment with the product.

Nuscience Group START+ feed additive for piglets

Nuscience Group presents the START+ feed additive for piglets, an innovative concept which promotes gut maturation and mimics the activity of prebiotic milk oligosaccharides needed for the development of piglets.

Feed Energy R2 Premium Brand of Nutrients

The Feed Energy R2 Premium Brand of Nutrients has natural anti-pathogenic properties that help to control the pathogens that threaten all poultry and swine producers. Those pathogens include E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria, and Clostridium.

Canadian Bio-Systems Yeast Bioactives feed technology

The Yeast Bioactives feed technology from Canadian Bio-Systems is a yeast-based innovation designed for use as a feed supplement in diets for poultry, swine and ruminants.

Tonisity PxW WeanBetter post-weaning nutrition supplement

The Tonisity PxW WeanBetter nutrition supplement is a follow-up formula that benefits the intestinal tract of piglets in the post-weaning phase, to be administered in the first days of the nursery.

Nuscience Group Vitazero feed additive

Nuscience Group presents Vitazero, a feed additive for piglets that forms part of its Aim For Zero program. It combines proven solutions that will protect the piglet during the weaning period by killing or capturing bacteria and their toxins, prevent toxins’ contact at the gut surface and, finally, keep the gut barrier optimal.