KPM Analytics SpectraStar XT Series NIR Analyzer

Kpm Analytics Spectra Star Xt Series Nir Analyzer
  • KPM Analytics' SpectraStar XT Series NIR Analyzer offers a complete library of calibrations for forage and feed products, including difficult-to-measure constituents that are essential for feed quality.
  • Dual detector design and patented data processing algorithms extend across a broad wavelength range, ensuring exceptional performance on various sample types and applications.
  • Obtain rapid moisture, protein and fat analysis, as well as vital parameters for feed like fibers, sugars, fatty acids and starch.
  • Ingot calibrations from Aunir are derived from over 500,000 forage, feed and feed ingredient samples collected over 25 years for accurate and reliable performance across almost any sample type and geography.
  • Available with KPMLink, a cloud-based software suite to support real-time remote configuration of product settings, calibrations and review of test results from any instrument worldwide.
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