Wildeck EdgeAlert Open Gate alarm system

Wildeck EdgeAlert Open Gate alarm system

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Wildeck offers the EdgeAlert Open Gate alarm system, for
elevated application where an open gate situation could occur. When properly
installed, the EdgeAlert alarm will signal an open gate condition with a highly
visible flashing light and a loud audible alarm.The EdgeAlert alarm is easy to operate and can be
installed on new or existing swing gates, slide gates, tilt gates or scissor
gates. It includes a 120 VAC plug-in power supply and can also be powered by four
long life alkaline “D” cell batteries, which are not included with the device. A
Single-Pole, Single-Throw 30V, 2A, 60W Relay Output is provided for connection
to other alarms or safety controls. A dual-channel processor system is
self-monitoring and will display a “fault” signal if a sensor or wiring problem
is detected. For maximum visibility at elevated and ground levels, amber-colored
LED lights are located on the front and back of the alarm enclosure. When a
gate is being used for daily activities, workers may choose to silence the
EdgeAlert alarm for 120 seconds by pressing the “Snooze/Acknowledge” button. Once
an open gate has been closed and secured, users can reset the EdgeAlert alarm
by pressing the “Snooze/Acknowledge” button, or simply opt for the automatic
reset mode.