WeighPack Systems Swifty Bagger

WeighPack Systems Swifty Bagger

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Phone: +1.702.450.0808

Website: http://www.weighpack.com


WeighPack Systems Inc.

6603 Schuster St.

Las Vegas NV 89118

United States

WeighPack Systems offers the Swifty Bagger for use with a range of pre-made bags including stand-up, gusset and flat bottom bags with or without zipper closures. The Swifty Bagger is operator-friendly and easy to clean, according to the company. It features Festo cylinders and valves, a PanelView color touch screen, variable speed control, a no-bag/no-fill sensor, and a heavy-duty mechanical cam shaft drive. Depending on the model it can produce up to 100 bags per minute.