WeighPack Systems AUTOWEIGHER

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Phone: +1.702.450.0808

Website: http://www.weighpack.com


WeighPack Systems Inc.

6603 Schuster St.

Las Vegas NV 89118

United States

WeighPack Systems AUTOWEIGHER is a scale that can weigh a range of products including poultry, chemicals and powders. It can operate at speeds up to 15 cpm in automatic or semi-automatic mode and has a tool-less disassembly of the hopper, weigh bucket and funnel. Built with food-grade 304 stainless steel, the AUTOWEIGHER displays product weight in imperial or metric units and includes a foot pedal for semi-automatic operation. As a stand-alone unit, the AUTOWEIGHER can be set on a table top or floor stand and can interface with auxiliary equipment.