ThermOmegaTech STVM Steam & Water Washdown Station

ThermOmegaTech STVM Steam & Water Washdown Station

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ThermOmegaTech, Inc.

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United States

The STVM Washdown Station from ThermOmegaTech delivers a high temperature wash at a user-defined temperature using the company's Silent Venturi Mixing Valve (STVM) to combine steam and water. The mixing valve’s design is self-scouring, which prevents mineral buildup in tight spaces and reduces maintenance frequency.

To minimize downtime during routine maintenance, the STVM Washdown Station has a simple cartridge design, which is removed with a wrench and cleaned in a descaling solution before reassembly. The station is in-line serviceable, so the operator simply switches out the STVM Cartridge with a spare and the unit is operating in minutes.