Nutrinsic ProFloc single cell protein

Nutrinsic ProFloc single cell protein

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Nutrinsic Corporation

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Nutrinsic ProFloc single cell protein contains 60 percent protein and delivers high
digestibility in a wide variety of animals. It is produced from food and
beverage nutrients that would otherwise be lost in production.The production process involves modifying
biological conditions in existing wastewater systems to favor the growth of
protein producing bacteria that are safe, non-GMO and native to the system.
Nutrinsic then harvests these bacteria in a straightforward process of
concentration, drying and sterilizing to produce a single cell protein for
inclusion in animal feeds. ProFloc has tested favorably among a variety of
aquatic and terrestrial animal species, including tilapia, trout, salmon,
shrimp, piglets and poultry. The product has a favorable amino acid
profile, high digestibility, long shelf life, and is highly palatable to
animals of all types.