Joskin Drakkar transfer auger

Joskin Drakkar transfer auger

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The Joskin Drakkar multi-purpose trailers can be
fitted with an unloading auger to unload grains into a road transport trailer
at the edge of fields, to fill a seeder or to unload industrial fertilizers. The system includes a moving floor to a first
horizontal auger, which is placed on the whole width of the door and is driven
by a hydraulic pump. This horizontal auger brings the matter out of the
trailer. It is driven by a hydraulic pump. The transfer auger has a diameter of
500 millimeters. A control box is also delivered in order to control the system
from the tractor cabin. This compact auger can be hydraulically folded and transported.
A second door is also delivered in order to use the Drakkar multi-purpose
trailer without the auger.