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General Electric Co.

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General Electric Co. introduces membrane-based wastewater treatment technology,
combining anaerobic digestion technology with its ZeeWeed* 500
membranes to create anaerobic
membrane bioreactor (AnMBR). AnMBR offers lower costs, better
performance and the ability to generate renewable energy from industrial
wastewater.This technology is an ideal solution for industrial wastewater with high
biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand concentrations that result
in higher aerobic treatment operational expenses. GE’s AnMBR provides reduced
energy consumption, energy recovery and reduced sludge production both
economically and reliably. Anaerobic
digestion is a biological process in which microorganisms break down
biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. Advantages of anaerobic
treatment include energy savings by not requiring oxygen, reduced sludge
production and reduced footprint.