Geelen Counterflow Continuous Dryer MkIII

Geelen Counterflow Continuous Dryer MkIII

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Geelen Counterflow

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Geelen Counterflow Continuous Dryer MkIII dries extruded products in the feed and food industry by passing hot air through one or two layers of product. In Geelen’s system, wet product from the extruder is continuously added to the top of the product beds. At the same time, dried product at the bottom of the product bed is discharged in small quantities to the next drying stage or to the hopper. An automatic control system dries the individual recipes according to product-specific process parameters such as air volume, air temperature and residence time. The Continuous Dryer MkIII from Geelen dries extruded products with uniformity. The drying is very homogeneous, resulting in a guaranteed moisture uniformity of +/- 0.5 percent.