FlexBin synthetic storage funnel

FlexBin synthetic storage funnel

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The FlexBin synthetic storage funnel and underbin are available for the Matrix male feeding line.

The FlexBin is easy to handle, weighs only 6.1 kg, contour of the feed is clearly visible and is easy to shorten if space is limited. The 160 liters impact resistant (HDPE) FlexBin synthetic storage funnel is easy to suspend. The underbin is solid and corrosion resistant with durable galvanized reception tube for the end bearing and the feed line connection. The underbin has pre-formed markings for easy installation of the hopper sensor. The synthetic underbin is available with single or double outlet.

The FlexBin storage funnel is standard delivered with a heavy galvanized mounting profile.

The FlexBin storage funnel has been extensively field tested at a poultry farm where the existing hopper was replaced by the FlexBin. The maneuverability and low weight of the synthetic funnel are highly appreciated. That the contour of the feed is clearly visible in the transparent synthetic funnel is also considered a major advantage.