Eriez Xtreme Metal Detectors

Eriez Xtreme Metal Detectors

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Eriez Manufacturing Co.

2200 Asbury Road

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United States

The Eriez Xtreme Metal Detectors offer a huge 7” easy-to-use touchscreen interface, multiple preprogrammed languages, easy setup and reporting, multiple USB and interface ports, remote access and the standard high-pressure wash down design. In addition to its rugged constriction, the Xtreme Metal Detector offers easy-to-use set up operation and reporting from a large, well-designed graphical interface.

There are different models available: Xtreme Tunnel Detector with Conveyor; Xtreme Vertical, Form, Fill & Seal (VFS); Xtreme Tunnel; Xtreme Liquid Lin; Xtreme Vertical Low-Profile System; Xtreme Pharmaceutical; and Xtreme Webline.