Dorner 2200 Series Vacuum Conveyor

Dorner 2200 Series Vacuum Conveyor

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The Dorner 2200 Series Vacuum Conveyor is designed for
securing parts in transit on an incline conveyor or for critical applications
such as inspection, assembly and accurate feeding. The 2200 Series Vacuum
Conveyors possess a perforated belt while drawing in air through grooves in the conveyor bed to ensure high suction.During operation, the vacuum suction holds parts
in place as they move on the conveyor. The vacuum conveyors are ideal for holding flat
parts of any material to the belt, elevation
changes or flimsy part holding, and upside down
applications. Performance specifications of the 2200 Series Vacuum
Conveyor include features such as an aluminum
extruded frame with T-Slot construction, sealed ball
bearings, V-Guided and
Non V-Guided belt compatibility, rack and
pinion belt tensioning, and end and center
drive compatibility. Conveyor
widths are 1.75” to 24”. Lengths are 2’ to 18’ for the end drive model and 2’ to 24’ for the enter drive model. Belt speeds can reach up
to 264 feet per minute. Standard belts
are recommended, but other options include an FDA high
friction belt for rigid parts like plastic cups, plastic bottles, ceramic
wafers, glass ware, etc, and an electrically
conductive belt for thin products like paper, light cardboard, cloth, plastic
film, etc.