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The components in SmartMoisture allow moisture to penetrate the feed particles, reducing free water and allowing moisture to be retained in the feed throughout the milling process.

SmartMoisture is a novel patented technology that contains a combination of propionic acid esterified to glycerol, buffered organic acids and surfactants. Glycerol, when esterified to propionic acid helps to reduce water activity which creates an environment in which neither mould nor bacteria can grow. It is well known for its hydrophilic properties and can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water. It works like a magnet, drawing water that was sprayed into the mixer into the feed particles as bound moisture helping SmartMoisture support up to 3% moisture addition. SmartMoisture also confers the emulsifying and humectant properties of glycerol. The patented glycerol ester technology, further improves surface tension reduction which allows for greater penetration of moisture into the feed materials reducing evaporation and free water.