Bunting Pneumatic In-Line Magnets

Bunting Pneumatic In-Line Magnets

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Bunting Magnetics

500 South Spencer Road

Newton Kansas 67114

United States

The Pneumatic In-Line Magnets from Bunting are designed specifically for dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems in the food industry.

In order to strike a balance between efficiency of operations and purity of product, Bunting’s pneumatic in-line magnets have been designed for unobstructed product flow. Product will be able to travel through conveying lines as usual, but when it passes over Bunting’s powerful rare earth magnet, metal contaminants will immediately be pulled out of the product flow and trapped against the magnet’s surface. By utilizing this high-energy tapered step plate magnet, even the smallest metal particles can be safely and swiftly removed from the product stream.

The product is easy to integrate into existing systems, with quick in-line installation made possible by compression couplings.