Bühler Temperature and Vibration Management System

Bühler Temperature and Vibration Management System

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Bühler’s Temperature and Vibration Management (TVM) System is connected to the Bühler Insights platform and provides essential information on the grinding process based on Bühler’s proprietary algorithms. TVM detects critical operational conditions early so millers can take timely action. Accurate management of the grinding process helps maintain the best product quality and consistency. Precise settings reduce energy consumption and product wastage. The launch of TVM represents another significant step towards the fully digitalized and automated SmartMill.

The new technology monitors temperature and vibrations inside the grinding rolls, the most important part of machinery in the milling process. To maintain quality and consistency, it is essential to apply the same pressure along the rolls. Any deviation results in reduced quality and consistency of the flour. Up to now, millers relied on trained personnel to manually check the rollers on a frequent basis and time-consuming laboratory analysis to prevent any deviation from acceptable operative parameters. With Bühler’s TVM, millers can rely on accurate measurements to adjust any imbalances in the grinding gap.

The system consists of wireless sensors placed inside the rollers that connect to the Bühler IoT sensing device. It acts as the interface to the Bühler Insights gateway, which transfers data to the Bühler Insights platform for analysis. Temperature and vibration are measured at multiple points along the entire length of the rollers showing the temperature distribution and vibration patterns. This provides millers with detailed information on temperature imbalances side to side and middle to side and detects overheating. Imbalances indicate that parameter tolerances have been breached or winding occurs on the rollers. The process can be monitored remotely via a user-friendly interface on any device.