BinSentry Feed Bin Monitor

BinSentry Feed Bin Monitor

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BinSentry Inc.

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Aiming to overcome the limitations of traditional feed-measurement technologies, the BinSentry Feed Bin Monitor is a sensor that enables smart and seamless, end-to-end data delivery to BinSentry software and installs quickly and easily — typically in 15 minutes or less — while not modifying feed bins in any way. 

BinSentry’s proprietary self-cleaning LIDAR sensor uses modulated light to accurately and consistently measure the volume of feed in bins, sending that data back to BinSentry servers where BinSentry can process the data, send notifications and provide insights such as days-to-empty.

The BinSentry sensor is completely self-sufficient in that it does not require power to be run to the feed bins, does not require on-farm internet access, is self-cleaning and uses solar-power to operate for many years without interruption.