BinMaster Binventory inventory management software

BinMaster Binventory inventory management software

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Plants can manage level data from all vessels with one program, Binventory, an advanced inventory management software from BinMaster. Binventory is a highly affordable, one-time purchase of inventory tracking for any size operation.

Binventory is now compatible with sensors using the HART protocol or Modbus output. Binventory works with many types of sensors including non-contact-radar and guided wave radar used for level measurement. The software allows for bulk densities and strapping tables to be entered for solids, while entering specific gravity for liquid tanks ensures spot-on volumes. Complex vessels of different shapes and sizes are easily configured, such as horizontal tanks, split silos and non-linear tanks.

Program automated alerts, access real-time inventory levels, and generate historical reports from up to 255 vessels on your PC or tablet. Share access to Binventory with vendors using VMI and authorized users in production, purchasing and finance. It is simple to use and requires no special training or support. It eliminates emailing reports and reduces interruptions to the workday.