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Opteinics is a sustainability analytics platform, integrated to industry-standard feed formulation software, that enables even non-experts in sustainability to independently understand and reduce environmental impact.

Animal feed formulation focuses almost exclusively on fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the animal at the minimum cost possible. With the addition of the environmental impact as a third dimension, Opteinics opens a new opportunity for a more sustainable feed and animal protein production, at the best price possible. Nutritionists and formulators are now empowered to make reasoned choices when designing feed, for the benefit of the environment. Thus, customer organizations profit from significantly reduced time and resource investment when innovating in their product portfolio, obtaining data for sustainability reporting, or communicating environmental impact reduction to customers and other stakeholders.

Opteinics draws its environmental impact datasets from globally accepted databases and its models are designed in accordance with the latest ISO, FAO LEAP and PEF standards.