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Anitox Fortrol is a cost-effective Salmonella control solution that improves the value of feed and feed ingredients. Fortrol is a synergistic organic acid blend with bacteriostatic properties that offer producers highly effective control of feed-source pathogens such as Salmonella. Recommended product inclusion ranges from 2 kg/MT to 8 kg/MT, offering flexibility to respond to the variable microbial risk associated with feed and feed ingredients. Fortrol manages feed microbial quality via low dose application to incoming feed materials as a preventative tool or through implementation as a corrective intervention in Salmonella positive finished feeds or feed ingredients.

For those looking to mitigate hygiene challenges in mills or ingredient processing facilities, Fortrol serves as an effective flush treatment. Feed and food producers challenged by high microbial loads and Salmonella in feed and feed ingredients can apply challenge-appropriate Fortrol doses directly to feed via a universal Anitox application system, or switch between Fortrol and feed sanitizer, Finio, as needed to address variability in feed-source pathogen risk.