Adisseo Methiopedia 2 methionine reference book

Adisseo Methiopedia 2 methionine reference book

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Five years after its first edition, Adisseo is publishing a second version of Methiopedia: The Technical Reference Book of Methionine. The book offers a complete description of the three forms of methionine: L-Methionine, DL-Methionine, and OH-Methionine with their characteristics and properties. It also compiles trials results in nutritional and technological aspects. Compared to the first edition, this book is enriched with another five years of research, scientific review and increase knowledge in methionine.

Metabolism, utilization of methionine forms by animals and also formulation considerations are tackled and enriched in this edition of Methiopedia. You will also find new data on methionine sources comparison: trials comparing L-Methionine, DL-Methionine and OH-Methionine in broilers, trials on ducks, swine, literature review of methionine sources comparison in fish species, etc.