Top 10 animal feed industry articles, blogs from March

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic dominated the news last month.

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Find out what you missed in feed news and blogs from last month

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic dominated the news last month.

  1. 4 ways COVID-19 may impact feed production (blog)

Jackie Roembke: The world is battling the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and, in the short and long term, the global animal feed industry will soon navigate the fallout.


  1. Evonik declares force majeure for amino acid product

Evonik has declared force majeure for its threonine amino acid product, ThreAMINO, as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.


  1. COVID-19 to greatly impact animal feed additive prices

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is expected to have the greatest impact on animal health and feed additive prices in 2020, according to Rabobank’s “Poultry Quarterly Q2 2020” report.


  1. How will COVID-19 affect feed additive prices? (blog)

Ioannis Mavromichalis: What connection can there be between the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and animal feed additive prices?


  1. How are animal feed companies coping with COVID-19?

As the new coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the world, businesses – including those in the animal feed industry – may be affected in various ways, such as worker shortages, supply chain disruptions and production shutdowns.


  1. African swine fever returns to China, Myanmar

After a short absence, the ASF virus has been detected again in Hubei province, China.


  1. Coronavirus complicates ASF situation in China

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is complicating the African swine fever (ASF) situation in China, but pork is the least affected of the proteins, according to a new report from Rabobank.


  1. Alltech: Animal production must adapt to stop COVID-19

After watching the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic unfold in dairies in Italy and around the world, company leaders at Alltech have begun distributing advisories regarding protocol they say are necessary to prevent the virus from grinding animal production to a halt.


  1. 5 types of alternative proteins for animal feeds

Beyond the traditional proteins used in animal feed, several alternative protein sources are increasingly being used around the world — a trend driven by sustainability, availability and cost.


  1. Top secret government chickens aid in vaccine development (blog)

Ann Reus: Did you know there are secret government chickens in undisclosed locations all over the U.S. laying eggs to be used for vaccine development?

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