Top 10 animal feed industry articles from November

Find out what you missed in animal feed news and blogs from last month.

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Find out what you missed in feed news and blogs from last month

African swine fever (ASF) continued to dominate the news in the animal feed industry in November.

  1. African swine fever could kill one-quarter of world’s pigs

African swine fever (ASF) could result in the loss of one-quarter of the world’s pig population, according to the president of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).


  1. Germany raises African swine fever alert level

Since last year, cases of African swine fever (ASF) have been reported in wild boar and domestic pigs in eastern provinces of Poland.


  1. African swine fever likely to spread to eastern Europe

An expert panel has assessed the risk of African swine fever (ASF) spreading to eastern European states that are currently free of the disease to be between 66 and 100% in the next year.


  1. FDA to end over-the-counter antibiotics use in animals

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is accepting public comments on a plan to bring the remaining approved over-the-counter antibiotics used in animals under veterinary oversight.


  1. Study finds spin feeding poultry bests skip-a-day method

Spin feeding poultry may improve flock welfare and appeal to consumer expectations, according to a new study from the University of Georgia.


  1. African swine fever suspected in Indonesia

With the number of Asian countries already known to be affected by African swine fever (ASF) standing at 11, unconfirmed reports indicate that the disease may now have spread to Indonesia.


  1. No country is fully prepared to handle disease outbreak

An assessment of 195 countries has found that no country is fully prepared to handle a disease epidemic or pandemic such as African swine fever (ASF).


  1. ADM exec: ASF in China positively affecting margins

The African swine fever (ASF) outbreak in China is worse than previously thought and will continue to affect animal feed producers, an executive at Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM) said.


  1. African swine fever affects 12th Asian state

Officials in Indonesia have confirmed the presence of the African swine fever virus in dead pigs, bringing the number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region reporting the disease to 12.


  1. African swine fever hits Asian pork firm profits

South Korea-based food company CJ Cheiljedang Corp. has blamed a fall of 86% in net profit for the third quarter year-on-year on ASF.

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