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The IGP Institute announces change of leadership

The Kansas State University IGP Institute has announced the departure of Mark Fowler, associate director and milling specialist. Fowler's new role is president and CEO of Farmer Direct Foods.

The Kansas State University IGP Institute is experiencing a change in leadership with the announced departure of Mark Fowler, associate director and milling specialist. Fowler began his new role as president and CEO of Farmer Direct Foods on a part-time basis in August and will transition to full time in December.

During this transition period, Fowler will continue to lead the IGP Institute team in conjunction with Gordon Smith, IGP Institute director and grain science and industry department head. “We are grateful for Mark’s leadership these past 12 years and wish him well as he returns to industry,” Smith says.

Under Fowler’s leadership, the IGP Institute has grown its course offerings substantially. In 2014, 1,687 participants representing 45 countries joined in 62 on-site and online trainings. These courses cover the areas of grain processing and flour milling, grain marketing and risk management, and feed manufacturing and grain quality management.

“The IGP Institute enabled me to work with great people to build a world-class program demonstrating that a dedicated team can accomplish anything,” Fowler says.

He adds that one of his proudest accomplishments during his tenure was his ability to build on existing relationships and make new connections.

“The success of the IGP Institute is built on the cooperation with our partners, and collaboration with our competitors when all parties have an opportunity to benefit,” Fowler says. He adds, “I enjoyed being involved with those strategic planning sessions that maximize the stakeholder’s investment in our company.”

 Looking ahead Fowler will apply his knowledge and experience as he continues to develop and grow the business and product line for Farmer Direct Foods. He plans to continue to serve as an industry milling expert in upcoming course offerings at the IGP Institute as he is needed. To learn more about the IGP Institute visit our website at

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