Biomin Spectrum Top 50 mycotoxin detection service

The Spectrum Top 50 from Biomin is a mycotoxin detection service that allows for the identification of more than 50 different mycotoxins and metabolites in finished feed and raw materials. This product is a method to uncover previously undetected masked and emerging mycotoxins lurking in their feed in addition to the regulated ones. 

Spectrum Top 50 relies upon liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) technology using a method developed by Romer Labs.

Biomin have three Spectrum mycotoxin analytical services available through its no charge PROcheck service: 

  • Spectrum Basic – It tests feedstuffs for a panel of up to 18 mycotoxins within the six major groups: aflatoxins, zearalenone, A-trichothecenes (T-2, HT-2, Neosolaniol, etc.), B-trichothecenes (DON/vomitoxin, Nivalenol, etc.), fumonisins, and ochratoxin-A. This panel is considered ‘the standard’ in the industry for testing of commonly occurring mycotoxins and is an accepted part of an effective mycotoxin risk management program.

  • Spectrum Top 50 – In addition to testing all the mycotoxins covered in Spectrum Basic (above), this test goes beyond to screen additional mycotoxins including masked and merging ones and their metabolites such as alternaria toxins, aspergillus toxins, enniatins, beauvericin, fusarium metabolites, and penicillium toxins. It is an advanced test that provides a detailed picture of mycotoxins (55 to be exact) that are proven to cause negative effects in animals, thus helps in putting an ultimate mycotoxin risk management program in place.

  • Spectrum 380 – It tests for all the mycotoxins covered in Spectrum Top 50 (above) and goes beyond to identify almost all the known (about 450+) mycotoxins and their metabolites including masked and emerging mycotoxins. It is the most comprehensive, powerful, and accurate analysis of its kind, that helps to build the toxin profile of feedstuffs which would be most helpful to research and or investigative purposes.

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