Flexicon Bulk-Out Model BFC bulk bag discharger


The Flexicon Bulk-Out Model BFC bulk bag discharger is intended for applications in which trace amounts of dust cannot be tolerated or when dusty materials leak through the bag itself. It features an enclosure to contain errant dust escaping through the seams or fabric of bulk bags when working with unlined bags. White polymer panels enclose the sides, rear and top of the frame, while clear panels on four hinged access doors allow monitoring of the discharging process. A port on the rear panel allows venting of the enclosure to a centralized dust collection system. The high-integrity, dust-tight seal between the bag spout and clamp ring allows full-open discharge from the bag without dusting. Material contact surfaces are stainless steel finished to sanitary standards, with the exception of flexible tubing that connects the bag spout clamp ring to the surge hopper and the hopper outlet to a flanged connection feeding a process on the floor below.

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