CAT Squared Direct Store Delivery system

Cat Squared Direct Store Delivery System

The CAT Squared Direct Store Delivery system provides route accounting, inventory control, mobile point-of-sale and delivery functionality. It integrates with WMS and ERP systems. Drivers who leave the plant with orders are equipped with a hand-held device loaded with delivery, inventory, and customer information. When the drivers make deliveries, they scan the items off the truck, get sign-off confirmation from the recipient and print a receipt for the customer. These transactions can be updated in real time using GPRS, or the drivers can upload the information using wireless networks. GPRS integration also allows a central office to view truck locations, times at each point, and real-time progress. Updates and notifications can also be pushed to the device in real time, as orders change. A close-day process reconciles financial and inventory data and sends the information to the WMS and ERP systems. An app is also available for mobile systems.

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