Dorner 2200 Series LPZ Z frame conveyor

Dorner 2200 Series Lpz Z Frame Conveyor

The Dorner 2200 Series LPZ Z frame conveyor comes with one or two pivot points and features a low profile to fit under machinery or any other tight spots. It is ideal for part removal and product handling in packaging, automation and other general manufacturing applications, loading up to 80 pounds (36 kilograms) with belt speeds up to 250 feet per minute. The pivot points on the conveyor provide added flexibility as it can be configured in either Z-frame, horizontal-to-incline and nose-over positions. Other features include: a sturdy, single piece frame design; V-guided belts for accurate belt tracking; improved bedplate durability with hard anodized frame coating; universal T-slots that fit industry-standard hardware; adjustable guiding with modern design and improved clamp method; optional 5/8 inch high speed nose bar transfer tail with speeds up to 200 feet per minute; and cleated and flat belt options.

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