Superior Manufacturing Excel dryers


Superior Manufacturing offers Excel mixed-flow under-fan grain dryers. The dryers use half the BTUs of conventional screen dryers and 40 cfm per bushel, according to the company. They combine gentle heat with longer retention times for a low stress process that keeps grain quality intact. The Excel dryer has capabilities ranging from 735 to 4,800 bushels per hour on single-phase power and 7,500 bushels per hour on three-phase power, and fits operations of any size, from small family farms to large commercial elevators. Models start at 10 tiers and can be expanded onsite by adding up to 26 additional tiers to the top of the dryer. The dryers are made with G90 galvanized steel to prevent rust and wear, and designs the dryers so they require little maintenance. Excel dryers come standard with the Dryer Master GM2 moisture monitor and a digital panel display.

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